What does Optimum Nutrition mean?
Optimum nutrition simply means giving yourself the best possible intake of nutrients, allowing your body to be at its healthiest, working as well as it can.
here are no set rules, you do not have to be vegetarian or take supplements, or to avoid eating any particular food (although for some people such advice would be appropriate).

Your needs are completely unique and depend on many factors. No one diet is perfect for everyone, although there are general guidelines. Eating a healthy balanced diet can improve mental clarity, mood and concentration, increase IQ, physical performance, quality of sleep, resistance to infections, protect you from disease and extend your lifespan. These may sound like bold claims, yet there has been proven scientific research.

Did you know 6 out of 10 people in Britain are now overweight or obese?
In this country we consume over 1 billion pounds worth of ready-made meals per year & spend 3 billion on fast foods? And yet at the same time, we spend over 2 million pounds on diet products? Or that 6 out of 10 people are now overweight or obese?

Diabetes is now the third largest killer after heart disease and cancers, and that is, according to the World Health Organisation, directly attributed to obesity, diet and lifestyles? There is no getting away from it, if you are overweight you should expect to feel tired and lethargic, suffer digestive problems, have aching joints and back because your body has to take the strain of the extra load.

The good news is that no matter how unfit or overweight you are, or how you’ve abused your body in the past, it is extremely forgiving. It has the amazing capacity to repair and rejuvenate itself very quickly, given what it needs. Even organs like the liver, which generally bears the load from too much fatty food, alcohol and sugar, can recover completely. It is never too late to make a difference and if you change your diet and lifestyle now, your body will feel the benefits immediately.

Diet for preconception?
It helps to be super healthy if you are thinking about starting a family. Its time to take stock of your own and your partner’s eating habits. The top 10 foods for preconception are Avocado’s, Beef & lamb (Iron & B12), Buckwheat, Cabbage (all types for folic acid), carrots (vitamin A), Kiwi Fruit (vitamin C), Oily fish (essential fatty acids), Free range eggs & poultry, Pumpkin seeds (vitamin E & Zinc) and Soya beans. Tea, coffee and alcohol should be taken in moderation. It’s important to stop smoking and get your weight within your healthy range.

Diet in pregnancy
Pregnancy can be a catalogue of ‘dos & don’ts’. The first step on the road to a safe, happy and successful pregnancy is to dismiss well-meaning, but conflicting advice and rely on your own common sense and ask your doctor, midwife or consultant about anything that worries you.